Waterway Cluster storm Jet, grå plast

Waterway Cluster storm Jet, grå plast

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Jet dyse 2"  versjonen i stål har gått ut, leveres nå kun i grå plast. 

Yttre del 51mm

Lengde 78mm

Produsent: Waterway

INFO !!! Waterway sluttet og produsere denne type dyse i 2017, vi har forsatt et lite parti på lager. Dysene kan etterhvert bli vanskelig å skaffe. 

Noe du trenger, ta kontakt på mail post@spapartsnorge.no


Type of Product: Water jet internal
Manufacturer: Waterway
Box Quantity: 300
Colour / Finish: Textured Five Scalloped, Sterling Silver
Commonly Used With: Spaform amongst others. Spaform models including, Platinum, Tango, Milano, Grand Canyon, Utopia, Odyssey.
Fits Hole Size: 2''
Connections: Push fit with 2 x plastic lugs
Dimensions: Diameter of face: 50 mm Height: 75 mm Diameter of rear nozzle: 15mm
Additional notes:

Very easy to fit, just gently push and turn until it clicks in place, then continue to turn until it sits down and feels easy enough to open and close, turning it clockwise then anti clockwise.

Effective January 1st, 2018, this jet will be the only Snap-in Cluster Storm produced by the manufacturer and will be used to replace all other Snap-in Cluster Storm jets.

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